Jérôme Lecomte

Stuff I made

Blade Gunner

A 6.5kb game inspired by Ridley Scott's Blade Runner movie for the 2016 JS13KGAMES competition on the theme "Glitch".

Forex Hockey

A 2-player multitouch game mixing Air Hockey, Hungry Hungry Hippo and Foreign Exchange rates.

Stuff I wrote

Master Screen Orientation with HTML5

A web tutorial and screencast published in web design magazine Net Mag, from the perspective of a HTML5 video game developer.

Stuff I said

A Lazy Web Developer's Guide to Arduino

A 20 minute talk at Toronto Perl Mongers meetup about Arduino programming with Javascript and the Johnny Five framework to create a web-based secret handshakes guessing game.

Bug-Free Games from Day One with Behavior-Driven Development

A 20 minute talk at Microsoft's Toronto Web Apps and HTML5 Games Code-Along in Toronto about applying behavior-driven development to video games making.